Welcome to 21st century hospitality

New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, are changing the world. We recognize that the hospitality industry is no exception. Allow us to be your partner in this new era of hospitality. We recognize the importance of your staff and do not plan to replace them. We want to make sure that our robots will support your well-educated employees, so that they can focus on more sophisticated tasks. Let our robots do the monotone work and, therefore, increase your efficiency, improve your staff motivation and attract new guests.

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Some of our trusted customers

Techi Butler

Hi, I’m Techi Butler and I will be at your customer’s service 24/7/365. Did you know that room delivery for a mid-sized hotel can add up to ten working hours per day? Why don’t you use your well-educated staff for more sophisticated tasks and let me take over this part?

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Techi Concierge

My name is Techi Concierge and I am the perfect addition to your team. I can increase traction, advertise your products and sell your services innovatively at your hotels and/or shopping malls. Do you want to know how I do that?

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Techi Cart

Hi, I’m Techi Cart, but most people on my team call me Hulk. Why Hulk?! Because I’m the strongest in my family. I’m more of a shy robot, so you won’t see me in the lobby that often. My favorite task is to bring heavy items like laundry, luggage and many other objects from place A to B.

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Techi Drink Service

My name is Techi Drink Service and I love to make our guests smile. How do I do that? By providing drinks and snacks all day long! Do you host events in your hotel? Or even better, do you have a Casino in-house? I will make sure that all of your guests stay hydrated and fed.

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